LEGO Art for Trade
Shows And Events

Custom LEGO Art for Your Event or Trade Show Booth

Ragzy is a renowned artist with the ability to bring any idea to life in the form of LEGO.

She does live installations of her art for events and trade show booths.

Listed below are some key examples of her work;

LEGO Bear & Forest Sculpture- ABB Ltd.

LEGO Bear & Forest Sculpture by Ragzy - Client: ABB LTD, TX

LEGO Sculpture Robot Swifti - ABB Ltd.

LEGO Robot Swifti Sculpture by Ragzy - Detroit, MI - Client: ABB LTD.

Bitcoin 2022 LEGO Mural - Miami, FL

Bitcoin LEGO Mural by Ragzy - Bitcoin Miami 2022

LEGO Washington Monument - Washington D.C.