LEGO Replica Robot for Automate AI Tradeshow for ABB
Corporate Art

During my tenure as the artist in residence at the prestigious Automate AI Tradeshow in Detroit, MI, I had the privilege of being part of one of the world's largest robotics tradeshows. Notably, ABB, a renowned global leader in robotics, handpicked me for an exclusive on-site opportunity: crafting an awe-inspiring real-life LEGO replica of their esteemed SWIFTI robot.

In addition to the captivating sculpture, I had the honor of engaging in insightful discussions with accomplished robotics engineers, delving into the fascinating intersection of art and technology. Throughout the event, the SWIFTI robot played a pivotal role, aiding me by meticulously organizing the diverse LEGO pieces essential for the construction.

Undoubtedly, the LEGO display featuring the remarkable SWIFTI robot garnered immense admiration and acclaim. Its captivating design and meticulous attention to detail resonated with attendees, leaving an indelible impression on all who encountered the model.