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The Symbolism Behind the LEGO in my ART

As many know, I’m a mixed media artist and LEGO is one of the media that I use in my work. My bold pop art is what caught the eye of producers to participate in the hit series LEGO Masters on Fox Network. The LEGO in my work symbolize the “building blocks” of something. For example, the LEGO used in my LEGO Lincoln art piece, which was on display at Rockefeller Center LEGO, is meant to symbolize the building blocks of civil rights in America.

I have always been a big fan of Marilyn Monroe and to me she symbolizes the building blocks of Hollywood glam. I tend to use her frequently in my work as she as is a symbol of feminism and a larger than life persona.

One of my most successful series, is my Andy Warhol series. I have spent years making transformative works inspired by the iconic pieces of my favorite artist. My most popular piece is my rendition of Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe is turquoise bricks, though the flowers seem to be equally as popular.

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