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Secrets Hidden in Jeff Goldblum Art

Anyone who is familiar with my work knows I have a hidden "code" in every piece. My artwork in which I call "Pop-Science" combines scientific theory with pop culture. I am absolutely in love with my recent art piece on canvas of Jeff Goldblum, made with shredded book pages torn from Michael Crichton's famous Jurassic Park. The piece is one of many from my "Authors" series. I have recreated several authors and characters out of notorious works such as, Mark Twain, Harry Potter, and Maya Angelou. This Crichton inspired piece, which is entitled Ian Malcom hides secret messages among the pages. The artwork is meant to be a commentary on science, and living in a hyper-reality. LEGO bricks are also used in Goldblum's portrait, symbolizing the building blocks from the character's first iteration in the novel. A limited edition print release of this work will be available soon.

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