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As you know, I was selected out of thousands of applicants across the country to be featured on LEGO MASTERS on FOX! What you didn't know is I've been cleverly hiding messages and referencing artists and artwork in the episodes... and no one knew I was doing it... bwa ha ha!

The Bows: The hair bows are a reference to so many different things and I hide various words on them throughout the episodes. The "Power of the Bow" is all about overcoming gender stereotypes and breaking barriers. As a young girl, I was told I could not play with LEGO because LEGO was for "boys" among other things. The is a symbol to remind us to empower young women and girls to do whatever they want to do (especially things that have to do with STEAMD: Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, Math, and Design) Basically, the bows are about Girl Power! But that's not all....

I consider myself to be a "Pop Scientist/Artist." One of my influences for my art is the notorious Leonardo Da Vinci, who was a scientist, mathematician, engineer, and artist. He hid messages or "secrets" within his work. If you look closely in the episodes, the bow has a hidden word on it. The words symbolize my journey of becoming an artist.

Episode 1: my bow says "Dream" This is about choosing to "Live the Dream" or having the courage to pursue the dream.

Episode 2: my bow says "Hope" - ironic it was hope if you watched the episode lol. The word "Hope" is referencing me "hoping" I would make it in a cut throat industry.

Episode 3: my bow says "Love" This is about knowing your values and Loving yourself.

Episode 4... you will find out soon!

My Dresses: The polka dots on my dresses are a reference to Yayoi Kusama, my favorite living artist. When the introduce Sam and I in Episode 2, you can see a snapshot of our home build which contains a spotted pumpkin, also a reference to Yayoi Kusama as she is know for her pumpkin sculptures.

The Builds: Our mermaid is a tribute to classical renaissance art! You can find all the hidden meanings on my instagram or facebook.

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