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POP SCIENCE, a new genre of art?

EXPERIMENT: Visit Various Art Museums, Exhibitions, Shows, Galleries, and Art Basel

RESEARCH: Analyze current state of art market and trends in the United States


While taking 14 months to visit dozens of museums, art shows, and galleries, I was surprised to see how saturated the market was with themes of commercialism. I've never been one to go with the norm, so it was time to develop a new angle to the contemporary movement. I've always done something "mechanical," or mathematical in my works. This stems from my background in excelled math and science programs. Though art is freedom of expression and should be fun to look at, I believe it to be more important for art to educate and provide new perspective. Has art officially become commercialized? My goal is to make an impactful movement that merges art and science. We saw this first by Da Vinci during the Renaissance period. But I want to do this in my own way that is current and pop. That is why I created a new category of art, in which I call "New Millenia Pop Science."


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