EWUD believes in the ART OF GIVING BACK.

She has donated several pieces to a variety of charitable organizations including the Mark Twain Library, The Denny Rae Memorial Fund, & Near and Far Aid. She is passionate about a variety of causes including: Women's Issues, Children, Veterans, Animals, Diversity & Inclusion, and Green causes. 

Ewud has volunteered for a number of nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to the arts including: The Greenwich Arts Council, The Mark Twain Library Arts Gala, & The Pequot Library Arts Gala.

Prior to becoming a full-time artist, she was the founding partner of a 501(c)3 nonprofit that aids veterans in need. She created programs that served over 4,000 veterans in the tri-state area. 

Art Around the World

Ewud is putting her mural skills to work!

"Art is not only meant to be beautiful, it can be a powerful tool that can make a global impact." 

In 2019, she launched Art Around the World. The goal is to create murals in countries where people live in poverty. Members from the community including children participate in the painting process which creates feelings of self worth while learning the craft. Her first desired project is for a school in Haiti. 

All murals will have a positive message that resonates with the community it serves. 

More coming soon!