Series of Artwork 

Beautiful Disaster 
5th Series
Made with (+) Energy

This series is meant to capture the irony in disastrous situations. All mixed media pieces are made with an element (E) and are packed with (+) energy.


Current Paintings Are:

Global Warming 2016

Mystic Deep Tsunami 2016

Avalanche 2017

Volcano 2017

Femme Fatale 2017

Avalanche 2017

Mixed Media on Canvas

24"X 36"

For Sale: $1800


The Wildflower  2015

Mixed Media on Canvas


For Sale: $250


The Wildflower  2015

Mixed Media on Canvas


For Sale: $250


The Wildflower  2015

Mixed Media on Canvas


For Sale: $250


Mood, Music, & Motive 
4th Series


This new series will be centered around bold and upside colors projecting happiness and positivity.

Did you know?

Colors and artwork found in your home can greatly influence your mood!

This series will involve a variety of cheerful and majestic colors to brighten up your day!


Current Paintings Are:

The Wildflower 2015 (To be featured at the Wilton Library July-August 2015)

The Bride 2015

Lefty 2015

Beneath the Surface  2014

Mixed Media on Canvas




3rd Series


This series includes 7 custom made pieces consisting of acrylic paint and mixed media on canvas. Only 4 pieces remain for sale in this collection. The painting "Gold Rush" was sold in a juried art show at the Mark Twain Library in Redding, CT in 2014. "Provocative Woman" another painting in this series was sold in August 2014 and has found a home in Sarasota, FL by an art collector.

This series portrays a variety of media and mixes earthlike colors to demonstrate abstract views of realistic structures.


Available Paintings Are:

Beneath the Surface (Pictured on the left.)- SOLD

Arctic Ocean 2015 -SOLD

Beautiful Storm 2014 -SOLD

Bermudan Sunset 2015-SOLD

Semi-precious Metals I  2015-SOLD

Semi-precious Metals II 2015 

Somewhere in Paradise (Seascape) 2014

The Red Sea 2015 -SOLD


2nd Series


This sexy series includes 6 acrylic paintings on canvas. Only 4 remain in this collection. "The Lady In Black" is now featured in a local Ridgefield home, while "The Lady In Pink II" has made its way to Sao Paulo, Brazil. These paintings depict curvacious images of the female figure but keeps their facial features a mystery. This allows the viewers to "become" artists and envision each woman by their own perspectives.


Available Paintings Are:

The Lady in Pink 2013- SOLD

The Lady in Red 2013

Rainy Day 2013

The Spinner 2014- SOLD

Rainy Day 2013

Acrylic Paint on Canvas


For Sale: $800


This unique series consists of 22 paintings, sculptures, and mixed media pieces. Only 9 pieces remain in the gallery. Inspired by true events, these creations reflect memories by the poker-obsessed artist, who believes that life is no more than one big gambling game.


Available Pieces Are:

All In! 2012

Bullets 2012

The Jack (self-portrait) 2014

Lucky Charm 2012

On Tilt! 2012

The Poker Fair (original) 2011

The Sea of Spades 2011

The Straight 2012

Victory 2012

The Poker Fair
1st Series


The Queen of Clubs 2012

Mixed Media