is a globally recognized contemporary artist, entrepreneur and LEGO MASTER.

   She has worked with some of the most elite organizations in the world including Google, FIS Global, SPLUNK Inc, and ASML. She has been featured in galleries alongside Salvador Dali, Ron English, Damien Hirst, and Jeff Koons.


   In addition to her fine art, Ragzy is a prevalent female figure in the new emerging NFT space, and has amassed over 700,000 followers across her social platforms. She has been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, The New York Times, Business Insider, The Randi Zuckerberg Show and Daily Mail for her creations & contributions to the NFT space. She was a guest speaker at NFT BZL 2021, and was selected out of thousands to speak at NFT NYC in June 2022.


   She was chosen as one of the top LEGO creators in the United States and was selected to be on the hit TV series, LEGO Masters. The Emmy-nominated series was produced by famed actor Brad Pitt and production giant Endemol Shine.


   Her quirky and unique mixed-media works have attracted a wide range of art collectors. Her work is highly sought after and is included in the private collections of celebrities including news icon Gretchen Carlson, & billionaire Ray Dalio.

In addition to her artwork, Ragzy has worked with some of the most elite organizations in the world including the United States Secret Service on philanthropic efforts. She has raised over $5MM worth of funds and resources for many charitable causes.

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